Welcome to our wedding website!

In the age of websites for everything imaginable, we thought it was time to bring our wedding planning to the next level. We’re thrilled to share the excitement of all the planning and events for our wedding – we’ve been gathering all kinds of activities and resources to help make your visit to Santa Fe enjoyable as well as memorable.

We hope you will visit this site regularly as it will be your personal portal for news and information regarding events, accommodations and schedules as well as fun and interesting updates along the way. We’ll be adding information as we go and when the final invitations go out, you’ll have an opportunity to RSVP here as well.

Also, if you’ve discovered something interesting and exciting you’d like to share, you can post it here for everyone to see! Connect with others, make plans and share ideas, we welcome your input. And don’t forget to leave us a note in the Guestbook!

We’re so excited to have you attend the wedding. We hope this site makes your journey easier and more enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you in Santa Fe.

Much love – Käri & Joe

Spa Day Thursday!

For those heading to Ten Thousand Waves on Thursday, let’s meet in the lobby of the Inn & Spa at Loretto at 1:30pm. That way we can arrive early enough to enjoy some of their lovely “extras” like foot soaks by the koi pond or relaxing in the meditation room prior to the tub soak!


Latest and Greatest / Great Food Recommendations!

Greetings from Santa Fe! We arrived Monday evening andcannot begin to express how excited we are. There were quite a few details left to address, so we’ve been running around a bit crazed, but the craziness has been filled with fun and laughter!

Last night we sat on the patio of the lovely La Casa Sena where we did final tastings of the wines/champagnes for the wedding. This is a wonderful place to have lunch or dinner and is located on East Palace Avenue – right across from the HUGE Basilica of St. Francis – walking distance from your hotels. Try the butternut squash lasagna – it’s unlike anything we’ve tasted. Amazing.

On the eating note, we’ d like to recommend a few additional places you might enjoy:

Blue Corn Cafe – sit in the back bar and have their corn chowder and a Bloody Mary!

La Boca Specializing in seasonal Spanish cuisine – an intimate tapas restaurant & wine bar

La Fonda rooftop bar for sunset viewing

Geronimo –New Mexico’s only Mobil 4 star, AAA 4 diamond rated restaurant. If you want something truly memorable – be it a bit formal and pricey – get to Geronimo. If you don’t want the whole sit-down experience, get a spot in the bar and do apps and drinks. But get there early because it’s first come first serve and the bar is the size of a dorm room.

Tomme – an awesome and affordable bistro open for lunch and dinner.

Can’t wait to see – and in some cases MEET – you all soon! 


11 days and counting!

We cannot believe we are going to see you all in less then two weeks?!?! We won’t bore you with the old “time flies” line, but, doesn’t it?? We are sooo, excited!

There are a few things we’d like to share with you this week as we approach wedding week. Some are logistics where others are just fun tidbits.

Cell phone connectivity

Speaking of cellphone coverage, we’d like to talk connectivity. One of the beautiful things about Santa Fe is it’s disconnectedness from the rest of the world. If you’re looking to escape the daily grind, this a great place to do it. Primary reason being, it can be nearly impossible to reach you!

Cell phone reception in Santa Fe tends to be very spotty. There are some places that are pretty good, but you’ll need to find them, or ask your hotel. AT&T tends to be randomly questionable while Verizon is said to be very good. Your hotel will usually have very dependable wifi. Just be sure to check in with them if you’re experiencing issues.  Maybe bring your tinfoil hats.

Transportation for the Wedding Reception

Most importantly we’d like to talk transportation the day of the wedding. As most of you know, we are having our wedding reception at the private home of our dear friend Kris Wong-Barrie. Her home is on oneof the most historic streets in Santa Fe and with historic comes a few challenges, mainly parking, not to mention neighbors and their privacy.

In an effort to avoid disturbing the neighbors’ traffic flow much less the neighbors themselves, we’ll be providing transportation to and from the reception. Immediately following the wedding, Beth, our Maid of Honor, in the bright orange dress, will guide you to the main entrance of the Inn & Spa at Loretto (right next door to the chapel) where a mini-coach will bring you to the reception (it may need to make two trips). The coach will remain close by all evening and will bring you back to the same pick-up spot whenever you’d like throughout the evening with the last round being just after midnight – check in with Lawson, our Best Man, for the transportation back to the hotel – he’ll have a direct connect with the driver.  And, if you’re at a nearby hotel other than the Loretto, we are certain we can arrange a few special drop off points as well.

There’s a great public parking lot on the corner at Paseo De Peralta and East Alameda Street. There’s also a great underground, covered parking lot at the La Fonda hotel, just around the corner. Both are great options, cost for parking varies. Both are within a short walk to the chapel.
Here’s a map to help clarify:
Stay tuned for a few more updates – we have some recommendations, directions and suggestions that will hopefully make your stay a bit more fun.
K. & J.

Good morning …

By now we hope you are receiving your invitations!  And remember, when you visit the RSVP page, if you have any questions about the form or information contained within it, please let us know!

And remember even after you’ve RSVP’d we’ll be adding lots of information on great places to go, some of our favorite little hideouts for sunsets and cocktails, restaurant recommendations and plenty more, so be sure to come back often for the latest great info.

-Kari & Joe

New pages on the site!

Hey everyone!

We hope you are enjoying spring, wherever you may be. We’re excited to have the wedding invitations in the mail and on their way to you and we have been working feverishly to get the latest information up on the site. As you wander around the site you’ll notice some new information pages with Activities, updates to the Schedule page and most importantly; the digital RSVP page! We’re very excited to have you fill out the RSVP (we hope you will attend, of course!) and remember that the information you enter into the form is secure and won’t be sold to advertisers to pay our wedding bill… Please review the Activities and Schedule as we’ve added/updated the information to include dates & times.

In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions or needs and we’ll do our best, as always, to help!  We’d love to hear from you in our Guestbook as well!

Two months and counting!

- Käri & Joe

In the mail…

Hey everyone!

The wedding invitations are officially in the mail! We’ll have our fancy-shmancy online RSVP form up shortly with all of the activities for the wedding week. You’ll also have a page describing the activities so you can read about the fun things we have planned. In the meantime, here are two more photos from our album!

Group rate agreement at the Inn at Loretto finally completed!

Thank you for your patience! We wanted to let you know The Inn & Spa at Lorretto’s reduced rate is FINALLY on record and they are ready to receive reservations. The final negotiated rate is $189 (which, as a heads-up, does not include resort taxes, etc.), so we’re hoping this helps out for those of you interested in staying at the Inn.

And, if any of you have existing reservations, we encourage you to give them a call just to confirm you are listed under the Takai/Niessink wedding rate so there are no surprises.

We’d love to hear the sorts of places you’re all choosing to stay, so please feel free to share any fun and/or interesting places you’re finding.

Keep checking back on the website – as we get closer we’ll keep sharing lots more information with you here!